Boss Battles

tl;dr Boss fights suck.

This game is pretty simple, get from point A to point B while slaughtering, surviving and collecting stuff. You are doing all this while looking for tomes, deciding to pick grims and wondering if you should use the healing now or if you are going to die during next wave.

And then boom, boss out of nowhere, in small, empty, locked arena, theres something that just stands there and waits for you to kill it. Bosses often cant even follow you around, they dont have control of their own arena. Completely ruins whole pace of the game, isnt challenging or tactical.
Boss battles were good idea but were poorly executed.

What is the best boss fight in V2? Getting attacked by stormfiend while we were destroying the bell was better than any of the 4 boss fights. You had big, open, multileveled arena, there was other objective aside from boss and the fiend could follow you everywhere + stormfiends look really cool.

Game has a few bugs here and there with bosses (sometimes getting stuck or not moving). When the bugs are fixed it’ll be a better boss experience. This isn’t feedback, it’s a bug.

Dropping rescaled regular mob into empty square room and calling it a boss isnt bug, its thing that could use some feedback for improvement.

I was responding to your key point (in the center of your post) that amounts to a bug.

(That was rather vague description of bosses in V2 :smiley: poor Stormvermin guy is so cheap he got pillar into his arena so he can hide from the Ubersreik five, or four it doesnt matter :crying_cat_face::skaven::heart:)