Boosted players by cheaters & all weave clearers should be removed from Leaderboards

Boosting is major problem on PVP games. And on vermintide 2, Boosting became problem too.
Look at leaderboards, the boosted by cheaters still remain their seat on leaderboards.
They should be removed yet they still there.
But also, the boosted by all weave clearer should be removed. If they stay by their friends, player who challenge it from 0 to whatever they reach will be out of leaderboard because of these cheating guys. Leaderboards should not show players who are boosted. Kick them all

Are you saying people who have high clears because they’re with their high level friends should also be removed? While that sounds good in theory, a more natural solve would be making the grind less painful. I can think of quite a few talented players who started late, wanted to play with their friends, and had someone queue up something higher so they can just go at it.

The way FS has designed weaves is that people have to queue things one by one, which is kinda… bleh, particularly if you’re with a team who started way earlier than you (I also draw a distinction between ethical boosting and kinda cheesing boosting, but that’s a whole different problem in and of itself).

Further, while cheating boosters are easy to spot due to unnaturally high scores usually, how can you figure out who is being boosted and who isn’t organically (ergo, someone queued with their friends who have higher weaves open)? How do you know they didn’t pull their weight in the first place? In addition, that means at least one of the team has done all their clears up to that point to queue that, and even then, that doesn’t mean that weave is already accessible to the person being boosted off their team. That’s a much harder problem to solve.

Boosting wouldn’t be so much of a problem if Fatshark hadn’t designed such a grind-heavy weave system with so little essence rewards in the first place.


They’re called cheaterboards for a reason. Nobody should ever take them seriously.


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