Bleed to weak?

After spending a lot time in the Psykhanium, i noticed bleed dmg vs everything but reaper+bulwarks is abysmal small, even at max stacks. I wouldn’t want it to be strong, but the current state makes it completely useless on most enemies but for synergy with some feats.
Would be nice if the dmg of bleed could be a valid consideration. Especially on ogryn, where many melee weapons seriously lack horde-dps, it would be nice if his bleed talents could help there at least a bit.

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Bleed is linear. Burn is exponential. Soulfire looks a bit quadratic?


But yes, bleed is the most underwhelming DoT with its linear damage. It’ll be nice if it had some kind of non-damage effect on targets like slow ro increased melee damage taken or something. Or if bleed stacks don’t stop. Even during the bleed proccing laceration it wasn’t particularly powerful, just reliable.


Gotta agree that bleed’s damage on anyone but maybe Bosses and Realer+Bulwarks is non existent.
But bleed by itself brings so many buffs and synergies, that its damage is not really a problem, also, it’s really easy to stack bleed, too easy even.

Ogrin with his feat can stack 4 by every heavy attack(Yes, it’s 4 stacks of bleed, even though they don’t say it) and 2 by his ult, Zealot can stack an insane amount by his butter knife, and Sniper stacks 8 bleed by his grenade, which, also, regens.

And, to be honest, I don’t need additional damage to kill hoard as Ogrin, he has that one Cleave to destroy it and Power maul(spam of light boom attacks) with Shield(heavy attacks, not special move of standing still) to basicly become a wall for the hoard with elites even. So, with the last two weapons, it just takes time to kill this number of enemies, but at least if hoard is staggered to the ground they can’t kill my team, including me.
Usually, if you are not alone your team can handle killing, you just need to give them space to breath by helping them to get surrounded

So, if Bulwark is not a problem to the bleed build, the only problems to us(Ogrins) is Berserkers, Maulers and Crusher, besides any of Shooters and Specials. To be honest, killing them really is hard and so long that you might as well focus on staggering them, to minimize the risk of taking damage
But if you have the Cleaver, then take out your grenade launcher and blast them, well Kickback also works. If you are one on one, then just push them or punch with special, it can stagger them whenever.

With specials and any ranged elites, bleed is useless, even if it had an insane damage, because you still need to get close to them to MAKE them bleed, it’s better to just gun them down or disable them by getting close. With Ogrin vs Shooters situation, they basicly counter him because of understandable features and ranged weapon variety, it’s easier and better to just let others handle it while protecting them from any melee dummies.

So, in conclusion, I want to say that Bleed doesn’t really need a buff, it’s designed to be more supportive and handles this role well, to Ogrin mainly.