Big Balance beta - game files getting corrupted

Issue Summary: Upon restarting the game, the game files got corrupted.

Before this error i was able to play (as host) a full game of righteous stand and a half game of the same map, where game files got corrupted half-way through.

After experiencing the above error. I verified the integrity of my steam files and it showed no files missing.

I restarted the game. Created a public lobby for athel yenlui. Some point during the map load i got the following game file corruption error:

After this error i restarted the game and tried joining someone elses game in progress. Managed to play a full game of fort brachen and skittergate this way.

After doing that i tried to host a game again. Chose athel yenlui as map and immediately crashed at the loading screen with corrupt game file error:

I would say try to verify once more, if the error persists please message us over at and we can send you the appropriate bundle to replace the corrupted one. :slight_smile:

It seems to be working fine as long as i dont host games.

I did try to verify once more, but no files were shown as missing.

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