Game crashes after hosting a privat Game ( Bogenhafen)

Da Harro,

i tried to do the bird view achievemetn on a privat round, because i could not get it on a puplic run.

So now to the topic… When i startet to host a privat match everything is fine until it began to load the map… that the games chashes in give me a output that my gamefiles are corruptet.
Could somebody explain me how this could happend? Never happend to me on a singel Puplic run and the best thing is im now untrusted player because of that

many thanks

Ps. i searched for missing file via steam and it found one , since it dl it again its now running. But not sure if i still have the “untrusted state”

Hello Dore, are you still seeing the ‘untrusted’ message or has it since disappeared?

dont have the untrusted state anymore
And thanks for the fast reply

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