BH Ult Animation/Draw Speed Bug with Speed Pot Effect

After the most recent patch hotfixing the double shot headshot refund, the ult animation is no longer affected by the speed potion effect. This change drastically nerfs BH ult as the concoction trait is often used to combo down a boss by taking advantage of all the potion effects to rapidly chain ults. This problem is exacerbated at high pings where the desync is much larger making chain headshotting even more difficult than it already is. Is this an intended change or an unintended consequence?

In the current state of the game, boss damage and boss stagger are so plentiful that BH’s dwindling niche of deleting a boss is less and less impactful, especially since it requires at least a potion, some space, and perfect accuracy. If this is a nerf, it is unnecessary.


Can confirm this.The stagger delay in which bosses actually get staggered is a big issus on high ping,very noticeable when it’s against quicker bosses such as Chaos Spawn and Minotaurs with their 3 rapid quick attacks combo.

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