Best perks for chars

Hi guys !

I would like to change the usual “deafening silence” topics, so, what would be for you the best perks for power blade on sharpshooter ? for the recon lasgun ?

Power Blade:

I would go with +25% flak armor (most common) and hesitating with +25% on maniacs OR +25% on carapace armor

for the lasgun, i would go with flak and maniacs.

Thoughts ?


Honestly that sounds good to me. I haven’t played enough level 30 SS to get a good Power Sword to use on higher difficulties so I can’t speak on that, but since even the melee dregs have flak armored heads I think its the most important for a Kantrael. Edit: Oh, you said Recon lasgun! My bad, but I still think Flak is probably the most important, but I don’t think unarmored is the worst thing in tbe world, especially for a potential panic horde clear if neccesarily.

Also might want to change this to Power Sword, all the “Force” type weapons are Psyker weapons. It confused me for a second!

Yhea sorry, power sword :slight_smile:

i played Veteran to 30 and like a week more, but its already 3 weeks ago or so :smiley: So my tips arent that usefull maybe or correct, but i like the attempt in general.

Not sure about maniacs. I see your point for it, but look into Weapons detailed damage you can find in your wepaons screen - V was for looks and skins and another key is to see your weapons dmg breakdown.
Not sure what the weakness of the lasguns that you use are. So maybe push that or see if you can get over a breakpoint and make the weapon op versus something special like it is for flak already.
IIRC i had no problems killing muties and other specialists with a standard Kantrale MK XII.
This may be wrong but vs. carapace is somewhat wasted as i think you wont do much damage against it. For this you better use your Powersword.
Again, its from shallow memory and maybe wrong, but you can find out when you look into your weapons detailed damage and breakpoints and here is a link to Enmies HP on different difficulties to see what you need to do to kill them.
I hop it helps anyway.

I just rolled a godly recon lasgun at 380 modifier. I rolled +20% unyielding and +25% flak (rerolled a poor perk).

I think I am getting there… just need to be able to reroll blessings now…

Thx for advices tho !

Edit : I just don’t know how good / useless will be the « +20% on unyielding »…

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The only enemy I can remember being unyielding is Bulwarks…its definitely not the worst trait in the world, since when you can shoot them in the back you usually can’t get headshots, so you need as much raw damage as possible against them. While certainly not the best perk, it’s not worthless so it sounds like you’ve found a really good recon las! :grinning:

Reaper, bulwark, plague ogryn, demon hosts (lol…) and plague beast iirc !

I would have like to get maniacs instead but hey! It is what it is ^^

I stopped using Powersword on heresy and damnation, its too easy and creates boring habits.

But If I had too , I would do Carapace and Infested or maniacs

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I haven’t bothered refining a Power Sword too much, they’re pretty strong no matter what Perks. Unarmored and Flak are probably not very important damage boosts for it. Weak Spot Damage might not be bad since it’s easy to headshot multiple targets in one swing.

Its your preference at this point, I usually ask myself what enemy is consistenly giving me trouble?

Weak spot damage + and then said trouble

TBH you’d probably be better served asking questions like this in the Vet section of the official Discord.

Weak spot damage is terrible. I’m pretty sure it only increases the weakspot bonus, not the total damage, meanwhile damage vs armour type is a multiplicative increase against that armour type. You almost always want 2 damage vs armour type perks. Flak and maniac are the most generally popular ones. Obviously carapace can be good for BPs on certain weapons. Infested can occasionally be useful if it lets you hit poxwalker one shot BPs.

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What mobs have the maniac tag? I thought it was only ragers?

Tox/Flamer, Trappers and Mutants have Maniac, in addition to the Dreg Rager. Maniac also seriously harms a lot of weapon types in general, but there are also some notable things. Like a grenade gauntlet with max pen/damage and +maniac damage can kill a Damnation Trapper in 1 headshot. Also Mutant is a tank, but takes 3X melee damage, so I’m sure tons of weapons save at least 2 swings depending on the damage.

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