Below 30fps: PS4Pro/Slim

Game runs below 30fps: PS4Pro/Slim

The game is running below 30fps now on some mission areas on this latest patch “1.40” even on taal. I know it was a response on the “massive screen tearing” issue that was posted here before. But is NOT actually massive and NOT entirely affecting the whole gameplay itself. It is only occasionally happening on the small cinematic scene after loading the mission map (When you see all 4 heroes before starting the mission) and on taal rarely.

Me and my friends run this game on PS4pro and PS4slim. We are all having a blast with the unlocked fps (1.39) and know the screen tearing is only happening on what I said above. We fixed it by turning the “Motion Blur” - ON.

After this latest update (1.40) the game runs 30fps now like before but now it comes down below 30fps, This is not occurring on 1.38. I can confirm that there is no screen tearing (1.40) but again I guess it was not the culprit. Maybe the graphic upscale that you introduced somehow on 1.38 have something to do on what is happening? Hoping that you can reconsider checking the framerate again. Other than that It’s your call. Thanks Team.

Map Tested: Against the Grain, Skittergate, and Empire in Flames.

PLATFORM: PlayStation 4 Pro (Friends running on pros and slim too)

PSN ID: CalvariaCitadel

I’m on PS4Pro with boost mode on and found the screen tearing and fps dips extremely minor, but to be fair I was only playing the new maps. I know the console isn’t built for it, but man I was really happy to finally see a higher framerate on console.

Could Fatshark maybe implement an fps unlock switch? I’m not a game dev in any capacity so maybe that isn’t possible, but if it is, I’d personally suffer the odd dip if it meant getting to see smoother stuff most of the time.

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