Be'lakors influence - Minor (minor) Feedback

I think the three hour window per expedition for Be’lakor’s influence is a bit unfortunate. Why? Because 3 (hours per expedition) x 4 (campaigns) is a divisor of 24.

Or in other words, if you play each day at roughly the same time, there is a chance that Be’lakors influence is always on the same expedition which decreases variety. Either you have to play always the same expedition if you want Be’lakor or if want to avoid it, one expedition is blocked.

A slightly different time frame would elevate the “issue” like 3 hours 20 minutes or 2 hours whatever.


Even with my Erratic schedule, I’ve been missing out on the Citadel campaigns, because they occur at times when I’m unable to play. I’d kinda like it if it were a daily or even weekly change.

This is legitimately a problem. I generally have the same window of time each day to play and Be’lakors influence is ALWAYS on same expedition. I’d rather play the Citadel but if it was at least not always the Expedition of Fortitude I’d at least be more inclined to play it.

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