BEHOLD! A phenonmenal occurence

Below is a link to my Zealot build, centered around going absolutely apeshit in melee and being too angry to die. However, my playstyle and current weapon choice is irrelevant. I recently experienced an interesting phenomena while using this build in The Meat Grinder.

I believe that the combination of some of the talents selected (Blazing Piety, Fury of the Faithful, Disdain, anything to do with attack effects really) and the Catachan MKVI Combat Knife is perhaps an undiscovered build.

I realized this that I somehow ONE SHOT A MAULER while messing around with the Combat Knife. Further testing is showing that Blazing Piety turns the Combat Knife into a a weapon worthy of the God Emperor Of Mankind.

SO, my question is for you Zealots out there. Have I stumbled upon a potentially broken and overpowered Zealot Build? Is the Zealot London Playstyle actually viable?

Feel free to test this build yourself with the Catchan MKVI Combat Knife, as I normally use the Eviscerator or Thunder Hammer.

Zealot Build



I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt :wink:

The emerge from cloak (Shroudfield) with backstab rending blessing I believe has been discussed, occasionally, in the past, as being a somewhat ridiculous option on a knife when it can take down crushers let alone maulers.

Not sure in my play time that it works as well with FotF but then I’ve only ever really had a mk III that I bothered with.


I should have mentioned I have no interest in the Stealth Zealot Playstyle.
Is it effective? Yes.
Is it viable? Yes.
Do I hate it? No.
Am I going to use the Stealth Zealot? Nope.

But this is indeed a noteworthy discovery. I shall test it to.

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Anything that boosts your crit chance is pretty good with the combat blades.
Their crit multiplier between ~3x and ~4x is probably the highest of any weapon in the game.

Glad you found a build that you enjoy.
This is not something previously undiscovered though.


I wouldn’t see it this way.
It doesn’t really matter, if someone else came to the same conclusion before you.

You experimented and got there by yourself, which i am sure was a fun experience.
You learned something new and you enjoy using the build that you came up with.

That is what matters most.

At least, this is the case for me.
I enjoy testing things, thinking about combinations and seeing, how the result works out when i use it in missions.
If someone else had a similar train of thought, that does not affect my experience.
I still figured it out myself and it was still a fun process.


Thanks i’ll check out the build later

If you are VERY willing to play through the chain sword I’ll just leave it here.

Rotation: Heavy attack+light attack-repeat. Or Heavy attack+push attack+heavy attack. If you’ve played Vermintide 2 and have experience you can use spam heavy attack through interrupting the animation with a Changing weapons.
As for the build, due to the constant recovery of your ult due to crit you just destroy everything + have no problem with stun berserkers (This is important!).
All in all, use it to your heart’s content if you want.

If I see beacon of purity i’m dodging

The knife is the most powerful melee weapon.
Stronger than power swords.
Stronger than chainswords.
Stronger than the thunder hammer.

Yes, the game designers hate WH40K and the knife is their second worst insult. The ultimate insult is that the revolver is the strongest range weapon.

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Please, the game is a Warshovel game, not a Warknife game.

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It’s a good build but as flawless said. The point of Zealot is being able to make any weapon work. If you read his talent tree correctly, like you did, you can find some pretty OP combinations. More power to you if you did so without checking reddit, youtube or other build sources and came up with it naturally by yourself.

That alone puts you abvoe 95% of players here and on reddit.

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