Because damage bleeds through toughness, it really hurts Zealot and Ogryn on the highest difficulties. They cannot solo clutch like the other two

As of right now in Darktide, unlike Vermintide 2, there’s so much less potential for amazing solo clutches in the hands of a skilled player when the other 3 are dead because all damage sources cause chip damage that bleeds through toughness. In fact, I’ve only ever seen Vet and Psyker solo clutch at all by just hiding behind the same piece of cover and just peaking to kill things one by one. Not AT ALL the coolest thing to spectate or even something to be optimistic about when the other 3 are dead. As in, if you’re the last one alive, you just end up having such a more defeatist attitude than you do in VT2.

Look, if you want to make darktide more teamwork dependent than VT2, then fine. I disagree (because part of what made VT2 so great was the ability to challenge yourself at the highest difficulty with bot solos and true solos thanks to the THP system), but that’s fine.

However, it shouldn’t be so team dependent that Zealot can’t be played as intended (I.e. in melee range, and not at full health) at the highest difficulties unless there’s two Zealots on the team boosting each other’s toughness regen and picking each other up when chip damage eventually takes them down (unless, like “intended,” the other two teammates are as good as they’re supposed to be in doing their job).

Making the bottom 25% of health be immune to chip damage (at least for Zealot and Ogryn) seems like one potential idea to fix this. Anything to increase the solo carry potential for truly skilled players.

Valuing team work is good but you SHOULDN’T LOWER THE SKILL CEILING AND RAISE THE SKILL FLOOR JUST TO DO IT. As in, it’s hard for new players because they don’t know to stick together and it’s hard for good players because now they rely so much more on others sticking close.

Look, when it comes to “only buff never nerf,” I don’t think that’s always the right mindset when it comes to talents or weapons. But when it comes to the incentives of team play? IT ABSOLUTELY applies. Don’t punish your sweaty fans when first time level 15s and 20s decide to try Heresy difficulty (or whatever 4/5 and 5/5 are called.)


As a super epic skilled player (very cool) I agree with this sentiment :^)

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Sounds to me like the skill ceiling went up and you just couldn’t reach it…

… jokes, jokes! I’m only teasing! I have no interest in starting a forum fight :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to agree with the fact that damage bleeding through toughness is not the most fun mechanic, especially at low health (and with Zealot in particular, you will at times be running at 1 HP because of their undying talent that I forgot the name of).

I can’t even tell if you’re making fun of me :sweat_smile:

I’m agreeing with you and jokingly hyping up my skills (not a joke I am very good at VT2 I’m quite epic simply incredible to be quite honest with you)

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The problem is you’re running at 1hp, until the proc wears off. Then if you’re not running the return health talent, you’re dead unless you managed to make it behind your team and behind cover in the time the passive ability was proc’d.

I mean at the very least make the last 1hp immune to bleed thru damage for Pete’s sake. You shouldn’t be able to die at 1hp if you are skilled enough following that situation to never let your toughness hit 0.


I could not agree more, the current system makes zealot feel really awful. Even if the bleed through stayed as is, while it would be unable to ultimately down you would be a huge step in the right direction i think.

The only way I’ve found to get around the terrible toughness system is to use the Revenant feat on Zealot, so you get HP back after your Until Death procs at 1hp.

The only problem is, if you equip the Revenant feat, you no longer have an icon on your screen that indicates the cooldown for Until Death.

I cannot believe the game is 2 days from release - it feels like they have nobody testing the game, I guess except the people who paid to test the game.

Even then, hardly seems they’re paying attention to feedback, or they are but are simply too incompetent to fix their game.