Beast of nurgle spawns out of thin air on cryo rods missions

This is the part after the hacking event where you move down the curving slope to get to the elevator. We dropped down from the catwalk above and then “BOOP” the beast just appeared out of nowhere, didn’t bust through a wall or make any sound queues.

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Looks like you are talking about the area between mid map event and final event on Power Matrix.

The Beast of Nurgle can slip around on flat ground and slopes/stairs, but can not climb ladders or jump up.
The area that you are talking about, has a bunch of drop downs. So the boss has to go into a spawn door and then come out at a different one, in order to reach a different level of elevation.

It is possible that the boss spawned on an elevation level below the person that it was going to attack, so it initially ran off through a spawn door, trying to reach that person.

For the area mentioned, depending on the timing of the party dropping down (or the locations of the different team members), the boss to be “hidden” for about a minute after it spawns, due to slow movement combined with the journey (back and forth) through spawn rooms.

I had the exact same thing happen to me the other day - I literally saw a plague ogryn appear out of thin air because I jumped down and turned around at the same time. Exact same spot.

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