Beast of nurgle walks through wall on Hab Dreyko

Encountered a bug at the start of a Hab Dreyko mission. The area in the screenshot is the staircase that leads up into the hab, after you drop down from the bridge at the start of the map. I got eaten by a beast of nurgle who then walked through a wall and spat me out, trapping me outside of the map area.

This is sorta difficult to explain but the area shown in the screenshots is a “U” shape. The first screenshot here is the right side of the U showing a ramp that the horde uses to enter the map. The ramp has an invisible wall on it that prevents me from entering the map again.

This second screenshot shows the left side of the U. The wall in front of the camera is what the beast passed through. It walked forward about 40 feet, spat me out, then turned around and left through the same wall.

I reported the bug here instead of the other thread because I wasn’t “thrown” outside of the map. The beast of nurgle just walked through the wall like it wasn’t there.

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