Beam staff zoom

Beam staff default attack have zoom by default, but zoom is not necessary and harmful in most situations (close-medium range). Each LMB-RMB combo causes zoom-jumping forward and backward, that is inconvenience, moreover, zoom is reducing your FOV. I think it would be better if there was no zoom by default, but you could use weapon special button for zoom if you need it. Also it would be good if LMB-RMB combo would not cancelled zoom.


Agreed. On top of the loss of FoV while beaming, the constant zooming in and out when you’re exploding the beam is really jarring.

Swap the zoom with Bolt Staff plz, it would actually benefit.


I guess the zoom is not meant to help aiming but as a balancing method and to simulate tunnelview while focusing that beam.

It would be a bad idea to balance weapon by making it inconvinient to use.

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Yeah, the slow swing of the executioner sword is inconvenient too. We should get rid of it too and make it faster.
Sorry for the sarcasm but things like these can indeed have a balancing reason.
But I’m with you on the weird zoom in and out when using the secondary attack rapidly.

In general it is an interesting way to balance weapons out besides raw numbers. As long as it is a feature and not an unintended bug.

Another way to simulate tunnelview could be the crosshair moving normally but the screen follows far slower and unzoomed. But I have no idea how that would feel in such a fast paced game.

I take back my earlier comment. Give the zoom to both staves, but make it optional by linking it to the “weapon special” key.


I genuinely don’t know why this wasn’t fixed before launch. It’s been a recurring complaint weekly on all VT2 social media.

For the zoom being annoying. Turn up the FOV and turn off motion blur and depth of field in the graphic settings. That helped for me a lot.

we ask for this to be removed or bind to key from release of the game. do u think they will change?

It was intended to give tunnel vision as a downside.

Beam staff reminds me Helldivers laser weaponry. Unfortunately it is not so effective.

It already does that by forcing you to hold steady on one target, so you can’t look side to side. Unfortunately it also makes the mouse less sensitive while zoomed, so you can’t track moving targets very well (eg assassins). It’s not just an inconvenience, it actually makes the weapon worse.

There’s a reason that everyone that uses the beam staff uses it almost exclusively for it’s alt-fire.

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