Battle Wizard's ability not working properly with obstacle

It seems to be a fairly common issue when playing BW.
The ability normally moves you to where you point it but if there’s an obstacle (or even a wall) to your side then the ability can completely fail or get you stuck.

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I’m pretty sure nowadays it’s a dash and not a teleport, so it fails all the time

They changed it to prevent map exploits or something

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I think it’s more comparable to slayer jump, but without the actual jump part. Since both abilities still can get you to places that a normal dash can’t. BW’s ability is a bit special since she basically teleports to her destination after a very short delay, it can pass death barriers and clip in walls.

I think it’s when BW gets obstructed by the environment during the start of the ability is when she either doesn’t move anywhere or gets stuck. Somewhat similar to the slayer jump.

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Certain places on certain maps are still exploitable. Not gonna tell which ones though.
Actually I’d like to see BW’s abilty reverted back and called a feature. Would be less broken than current version with all of its stuck in ceiling situations.


Yeah it clearly didn’t work, I’m convinced Garden of Morr will always have a crazy BW exploit

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