Battle wizard f bug

Battle wizards teleport has often failed to activate for me in the winds of magic beta, I found that this often happend in uneven terrains such as in the new map and in staircases. At one point it even sent me 90 degrees in the wrong direction from where i was aiming. I am not sure how to reproduce, but i think it is affected by changes in verticality.


Was just having this exact issue on Dark Omens where we got a monster on the large, narrow uphill section that’s almost all uneven ground. I was trying over and over to use my ult, and it just wouldn’t activate. I thought my HUD was telling me the ult was incorrectly full because I wasn’t seeing the targeting circle anywhere.

I’ve also been running with the new flail a lot, and the BW ult not activating was happening so much I had thought the flail was somehow stopping me from using it due to locking me into animations or something.

Additional issues I’ve experienced with the BW ult…

Was running Garden on a set of steps going down into a tomb with a wall above the steps. I was near the top of the steps and targeted the floor by the bottom of the steps. When I activated it the forward momentum sent me straight into the wall above the steps, rendering me stuck in the wall unable to move. Had no choice but to leave the lobby and rejoin.

The ult can no longer be targeted directly at your own feet to be used as a stagger. The jump-forward functionality forces you to go much further forward, making targeting extremely imprecise because you don’t know exactly where you’ll end up.

Sometimes when using the teleport for short hops, you go to the target area, then bounce backward, more or less ending where you started from in a crowd of enemies.

I honestly don’t see why they felt the functionality had to change because this new version is incredibly difficult to use whenever the ground isn’t level. I would 100% prefer Fatshark simply revert the change rather than have us get repeatedly killed or stuck while beta testing it for them.

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This bug is truly incredible sometimes…

As janky as the old teleport was, I still think it was better than this.

Having played almost exclusively Battle Wizard since 2.0 launched, the Fire Walk ONLY works on level ground to level ground reliably. Even just tapping F to stagger things to give you some space doesn’t work if you’re on a slight incline. I suspect this is to stop people teleporting to stupid locations and skipping whole parts of the map, but not being able to teleport out of trouble is annoying.

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