Battle Wizard Ult doesn't work on stairs and high ground

There are some issues with battle wizard Ult, cannot activate on stairs and all others texture similar (high ground), can’t activate also by aim your foot just for knock down enemies, is totally stuck in that places.

Sometimes the Ult teleport you back, but I see was already reported by other players.

And I think the previous Ult in the first beta with that jump before teleport was really amazing and better.

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It doesn’t work in plenty more places, causing great frustration. I’ve been meaning to make a post about this too but I figure other things are prioritised atm. It’s random enough that it gets you killed (or close enough) most times if used in a tight spot.

I could add to this that I personally very much miss the option to stun “in place” but with current mechanism you have to move forward, losing horde stagger potential. I’m not sure if this is an intended design though.

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