Bardin's shotgun always loads after picking up ammo

Issue Summary:
Bardin’s shotgun weapon reloads automatically everywhere you pick any ammo pack, even if it already has 1 bullet stored.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Shoot with Bardin’s shotgun once, leaving one pellet stored.
  2. Find ammo and pick it.
  3. Bardin reloads automatically.

Reproduction Rate: Constant (100%)

Additional Information: Especially dangerous when facing Stormvermin or Chaos Warriors.

That only happens if you’re at full reserve ammo capacity. At full capacity you have 2 shells in grudge and 17 in reserve. If you shoot once and refill your ammo it will automatically reload. If you have space for the ammo you picked up in your reservet it will not reload unless you do it manually.

Tl:dr you can only carry a set amount of ammunition and you have to put it somewhere (and yes, there are exceptions to how the ammo counter display your reserve ammo, and yes there is also possible to get more than your max ammo)

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It happens with less ammo too. Every-time you have 1 shell in grudge and pick ammo, Bardin reloads.

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