Ammo-return traits and throwing axes

It must have been reported before and most likely concerning other weapons too, but here’s the issue: when the last axe hits the enemy in the head (or scores a critical), player gets +1 ammo, yet Bardin can’t throw the axe till player switches weapons or performs a reload.
It’s very counterintuitive and very annoying. Most likely the same happens with a bow, but bows in general have a much higher ammo pool, so it’s a much less likely to encounter it more than once-twice per map, while with throwing axes it just happens all the time.


Can confirm this happens with bows as well. It’s been a minor annoyance for a very long time.


Everyone must have encountered that at some points.

Conservative shooter grants +1 ammo on headshot but it’s:
[magazine size]/( [remaining ammo] + 1 )
and not:
( [magazine size] + 1 )/[remaining ammo].


…although I now noticed there might be actually a reason to this. Regardless, it can be annoying.

Yeaaa. We had something like this in Vermintide 1. It lead to the infamous mini-gun set-up where you could fire continously for 10+ s with the Repeater.

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