Bardins Axe and Shield

Hey there,

I picked up Axe and Shield after a while and it feels kinda weird. When u swing ur Axe it feels like u swing with extra weight on ur Arm. Killing potential is really low. U need a good amount of Hits to kill something which is okay i guess sinc its a one handed Axe. The stagger seems really good though, but its defiently too slow. I see the point that its more of a defensiv Weapon, but why this clunky feeling? Should it simulate the xtra weight of the shield somehow or what is intended here?

Im okay with the Dmg output, but the attacks are so slow, would be cool to see it buffed a bit!

Its defensive and Single Target DPS which i can totally live with. Its a Support Weapon okay, but think about making it faster when Swinging. I run Crit Chance and Attck Speed with Swift Slaying and still. Its neither Anti AP or Anti Infantry since yeah its slow attacks. Please consider buffing it a tad bit!


I don’t really see it being too slow…
I mean sure they are not dual daggers but I think Shield and Axe are perfectly fine for their speed.
Even damage wise they are alright for their purpose. I am overall pretty happy with them.

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Axe+Shield is fine. There’s a couple hidden moves that bring it up to it’s potential.

Heavy 2 is a great anti-horde sweep. Acess it by doing a push attack, or a light attack, or a shield bash before using it. Once accessed, you Light>Heavy>Light>Heavy for as long as you like to keep using it.

Heavy 3 is an overhead head shot killer move. You can access it by making any 2 attacks, then a Heavy. It’s a bit clunky to get to (as it should be, it’s a shield) but with a little anticipation of the enemy’s moves it makes a great finishing blow for elites.

The real issue is what Mace+Shield is for, considering that Axe+S and Sword+S can both do everything needed. Mace is easier to use I guess.


Do you mean how as soon as you start swinging your movement slows down to a snail’s pace unable to hit the rats you knock away with a push?

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Bardin Be Like - They Can’t F*** With Me!

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I disagree with you on that matter. Certain weapons are quick others very slow, you just have to get use to the pattern. If we buff the speed of attacks of all of the game’s weapons, there won’t be any diversity in the choices of weapons and the gameplay won’t be as interesting.

I love the Axe & Shield. It’s probably my most favorite weapon in this game. It’s not at all super powerful or anything, but there’s a depth to this weapon, once you get some practice with it, that I wish was in more weapons. The thing is, and @RandomLurker has said it already: Axe & Shield has several sweet combos that are really good in a variety of situations. This makes Axe & Shield a suprisingly versatile weapon, once you get the hang of it! Being able to do these specific combos is really rewarding gameplay.

The other day I made a reply in a thread about Ironbreaker Axe & Shield loadouts. I’ll link it, here. That’s a long post about Ironbreaker in general, but I’ll quote the relevant passages about Axe & Shield combos below:

Remember you can chain both Light 1 - Heavy (sweep attack) (for hordes) and Light 2 - Heavy (downward chop) (for single target) forever by going light - heavy - light - heavy - light - heavy - etc., as @RandomLurker already said. You can also chain Push - Heavy (shield bash) forever as well, and that’s great for controlling everything and generating a billion temp HP when you need it.

Having said all that, I do feel A & S could do with a little attack speed buff. Even though it’s versatile, it’s still a lot less powerful than most other weapons, and mostly useful to support your team only. Its defense is amazing, but its killing speed is rather bad, which will get you overwhelemed easily if you’re not careful. But it’s a way better weapon than most give it credit for.


I don’t agree so much… The combo to stagger is not very intuitive.
Anyway ye… Mace and Shield is the first Shield that needs some love.

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no its not slowing your movement, but the feel of using S&A is unique to any other weapon i feel like. U can feel that u hold a shield and Axe so to speak, which is nice in General, i like that. It reminds me abit of BF Bad Company where you could feel your own Bodyweight etc aswell, which was cool. No i ment it feels like you have extra weight on your arm, when swinging which makes only sense on the Shield Arm. but the Axe Arm is like that aswell which makes no sense. The Axe is a one handed Weapon and its being slowed down it feels like. Why would the Axe Hand being slower than the Shield? i dont know. Yes i agrree with the Posts that its training in General.
I havent used this Wepon i n a while but i had no Problems whatsoever. But thanks everyone for the nice replies. Its normally not the case in many Forums to get a nice and “Helpful” Post for the most part. But like i said to all the Guys ang Gauls i added, they are super friendly unlike in other Communities!
I will try out these Combos which i did already, maybe not on purpose, but in the Heat of Battle. Now that i know to Chainlink Moves for Sure. I always like to do lights and Heavys and Push Block from time to time. But i definetly try out this Infinite Combo.

I know the Combos becasue i learn them myself for the most part, and sometimes u stumble upon a good Guide of course. However im not fond of spamming the same Combo all the time. For example Krubs light LInesman on Halberd. Its supergood, but i get bored doing the same move over and over gain… I mix and match what you should i feel like. its not good to spam the same stuff over and overt gain, its too repetitiv.

but thnxs anyways, i appreciate it!
but still a tad bit of speed wouldnt hurt the A&S i guess XD

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Yeah I think historically (tracing back to V1) weapons’ attack animations have always been faster 1h compared to when paired with a shield. I agree this doesn’t make a huge amount of sense, but the idea presumably is that the dps loss is a trade for the significant extra defense and cc utility you gain.

It could probably be argued that axe + shield already loses DPS due to different attack patterns, and also loses a fair bit of mobility, so perhaps the slower attacks is overkill, but honestly I don’t play the weapon enough to have an opinion on this. I do play a bit of SnS FK though, and I do feel its sword attacks feel a little more impotent and sluggish than they ought to, but 1h sword in general kinda suffers from just not cleaving nearly as well as it used to so hard for me to distinguish what is the fault of the shield pairing specifically.

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Is this generally correct? I am pretty sure that I already killed enemies (shown by the kill feed of elites) with the shield bash. But I was never sure if the shield bash does like one damage on one target per bash or if it only damages if you get a critical hit. But I am sure that shield bashing can do damage although very very minor.

The shield bash (Heavy 1) does indeed do a low amount of damage to one single enemy it hits. What I actually meant and could have said was: “You won’t do any significant damage and it’s practically nearly impossible to kill anything this way, but…”, but I figured the phrasing I used was a lot cleaner.

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The main takeaway from the shield bash, at least pre-season 2, for both Bardin and Kruber, would be the immense stagger. Either for space, or for insane chunks of tHP.


Yes, exactly. The stagger of the bash is amazing, making that attack and combos with it good for a lot of stuff, but just not for killing. Following up its stagger with other attacks is however great for damaging, though.

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This is what was meant when they introduced stagger and everyone was fainting how awesome shield weapons have become.
The did nothing to the weapons themselves, only the circumstances were changed and the weapon itself is still more bad than good.
Guess you’ll only have to wait a year or two until we get another BBB. :grin:

It’s undeniable that the existence of the stagger-damage system makes shield weapons relatively better though? If there wasn’t a stagger-damage system shielded weapons would be a little less powerful / useful?


The biggest buff to them for is that they block unblockable attacks now. Tanking a boss is actually plausible for a change. They also improved their dodge performance to something that no longer resembles a crippled skaven broodmother.

The stagger thing makes brings them up to “adequate” in the DPS department as well, but IMO it was the least of the changes that shield needed. Other weapons inflict stagger just f ine so it’s not like shields are special in that regard.