Ironbreaker Build - Ready for Legend or not?

Is it ready for legend? (any set of stats with max power items) Yes.

But as for this. +To berserker damage is not what I would call a slot efficient stat. They don’t get encountered enough to trump something like infantry/armored (I would go with infantry). If you are having trouble clearing legend then I would highly recommend curse resist over crit chance (you’re not running swiftslay and you’re carrying a shield your damage output isn’t really a focal point and the crit won’t do a ton for you).


There are some changes on the items and talents that I would change but other than that it’s “git gud”.


I got : 10% power vs chaos and 5% attack speed
The extra stamina is not needed and you useing a shield wich already has 180 % push angle
The Trait is good since you will push alot.

use whatever you like but I use Drakefire Pistols : 10% power vs Infantry and skaven and the Trait
Thermal Equalizer.

The neck is fine, I go with Natural Bond but if you feel unsure about Legend then go barkskin.

The Charm I go for: 10 % power vs Infantry and 5% attack speed. Now your Drakefire kills alot of the infantry easily and help when bashing skulls in. the trait is pretty much whatever since I always go for Grim.

On the Trinket I go for the 5% crit and 10% cooldown reduction and shrapnel incase i have a nade.
If the low health feels weird then go Curse resistance, change whatever you like.

5. Rock-Breaker
So much better for that white health especially since you are using Hammer and shield.

  1. Blood of Grimnir
    You never want to block to get something so this one is just better. thats how I feel atleast =) .

  2. Bulwark
    We will stagger alot so this one is good.

  3. Gromril Cuse
    Can save you from Gutter runners and Packrats.

  4. Miner’s Rhythm
    Your Guard should never be down so this one is better since we will use alot of charged attacks.

  5. Grengbarazi Oath
    Its whatever here, pick the one you want.

IB Playing

Now its hard to know how much you know about the gameplay at all but im gonna asume you know how to block,dodge and Push by now. So im just gonna say how I play the IB.

Hordes : Charge attack with the shield and hammer and Push/Push attack. If you play like this you can control a horde with ease. If thers any armour in the horde this will control them aswell.

Armour: Push attack for that nice Hammer in the head action and then some charged attacks.

Singel target: Specials/bosses, singel mobs and armour, blast them away with the Drakefire Pistol.

Now just do this and dodge at the same time you should be fine but this is the part where you just have to “git gud” and if you just standing still in blockstance I will come and slap you in the face.
Use your shield and smack some heads!



Test it yourself, you can do work with anything at all.
I can only say that work with what he have as base, he have amazing survivability bot not a lot of damage. You don’t need another stamina shield you will get more from attack speed, or crit, or even vs infantry.


A lot of goot advice already but I would also recommend you give the 2H hammer a try. I main IB with 2h Hammer and a gruderaker and I find there are very few scenarios I dont have the tools to deal with. 2H hammer has great horde control (once you familiarise yourself with the timing) and melts armor these days. Grudge is a disabler of disablers.

Trying two new weapons might be a bit much so I would start with the 2H hammer and see how it goes.


I might not be a good example for this, but I didn’t really care much about Traits or Properties until Cata came along. Just the Allrounders: Crit Chance and Attack Speed with Swift Slaying for weapon. Curse Resistance, Health, Crit Chance, Stamina for the charms and stuff.

I did those as IB with Shield and axe a lot.

Ironbreaker can be a really fun class. You won’t solo the entire map or anything, but it can definitely play a usefull role in any team. It’s also a decent pick to try and move up to more difficult content, as his defensive powers make mistakes a little more forgiving.

The first choice you basically have to make when playing Ironbreaker, is whether to use a shield or not. Your build implies you’d like a shield (and I must say: excellent taste!), but I think your build could be optimized a little. I have a shield build I play on Cata with great succes (have not played Ironbreaker on Legend since 2.0 though). I’ll write it out below for you and explain the choices I made and why. Time for a one-man shield wall!

Weapon: Axe & Shield, with Block Cost Reduction and Attack Speed, Opportunist trait.
Reason: I like Axe & Shield a lot better than Hammer & Shield, as the light attacks on H&S are pretty redundant when you have the shield, and you need to spend stamina to do any (still relatively mediocre) damage to armor. Axe has not-bad single target damage on lights however, you can chain Light 1 - Heavy and have access to a usefull sweep attack with the axe to damage and stagger hordes, and you are still able to chain Light 2 - Heavy to do pretty decent single target damage as well. The biggest reason A&S is awesome however, is because of the combo of Push - Heavy, which pushes followed by a shield bash. This can be chained ad infinum and controls enemies (and generates THP) like nothing else. You won’t damage anything, but it clears room whenever you need it and is amazing support. I feel I don’t need extra Stamina with a shield + Ironbreaker’s bonus Stamina, so I take Attack Speed instead (cause the weapon is pretty slow). Stamina is not a bad choice however, and I’m sure there are other options as well.

Ranged Weapon: Handgun, with Power vs. Chaos & Power vs. Infantry, Conservative Shooter trait.
Reason: Handgun to deal with Specials (which are your biggest threath). The perks are because of Cataclysm-breakpoints (no idea what is good on Legend), Conservative Shooter because you have no crit and if your aim is good you still effectively have a lot of ammo as well. Crossbow, Grudgeraker, or Drakefire Weapons can be good choices as well though. Matter of taste, really. Crossbow might even be better, expecially on Legend.

Necklace: Health & Block Cost Reduction, Regeneration trait.
Reason: BCR is way better than extra stamina, and like I said I feel I have plenty anyways. The trait is whichever one you like. Barkskin is a brilliant choice as well since it synergizes with Gromril Armor beautifully (Gromril absorbs the first hit, Barkskin reduces damage of the next ones).

Charm: Power vs. Chaos & Attack Speed, Decanter trait.
Reason: Picked this because of Handgun breakpoints on Cata. Attack Speed is just nice with a slow weapon. Trait is completely up to personal preference, but I usually get the most mileage out of this one.

Trinket: Stamina Recovery & Revive Speed, Explosive Ordnance trait.
Reason: Stamina recovery is very good on this class. I would never not pick it, especially since this build does not need Crit Chance. Revive Speed can mean the difference between clutch and wipe sometimes, but if you plan on taking books Curse Resist might be better. (But when you get good with this class, you don’t need Curse Resist on Legend even with 2 Grims.) I like Ordnace better than Shrapnel (since Shrapnel doesn’t stack with much else and the benefits are short and not effectively used often, while making more room can be extremely useful sometimes), but any trait works, so personal preference again.

Level 5 Talent: Rock-Breaker.
Reason: Absolutely the best choice with a shield build. None of the other choices even come near. With a shield you can fill up your bar in no time. Not picking this skill on this sort of build is a mistake, it’s that simple.

Level 10 Talent: Blood of Grimnir (+Power when near mates).
Reason: Crushing Counter Blow is not very useful on this build as it is either absorbed by a push / bash, or only applies to a single light axe attack… Extra Power is always good though, especially since it also helps your pushes or your ranged attack as well! A case might be made for Drakki Wrath if you use Drakefire weapons. I hardly ever do however, so I wouldn’t know. (Paradoxically, even though the Flamer is quite nice, Ironbreaker is actually not the best character to carry it since he’s a frontliner.)

Level 15 Talent: Enhanced Power.
Reason: Smiter has “hidden” downsides (like not getting stagger bonus on secondary targets with your axe sweep) and you won’t be attacking many non-staggered targets anyways with this weapon. Bulwark might seem good, but the difference in damage vs. Extra Power is negligable and Extra Power also works vs. Chaos Warriors and Monsters, and on your pushes and ranged attacks! I also use it to reach Handgun breakpoints in Cata. If you go for a pure staggerbot-approach, Bulwark might win out sometimes since your teammates can benefit from it, but from my estimations it usually still loses out in the games I play.

Level 20 Talent: Gromril Curse (pushback when Gromril Armor is activated.)
Reason: Shorter cooldown might seem like the best choice, but Gromril Curse is an absolutely amazing skill. Because, even though some people haven’t realized this yet, it can activate when you get hit by a disabler or grabbed by a Chaos Spawn. Now, since it knocks everything back (the stagger is really powerful), if you are good at not being hit often this is the only “get out of jail free” skill in the game! And the room made by the pushback can also help a lot when you are cornered by an overwhelming amount of enemies so you get an opening to escape. Brilliant skill. Best skill Ironbreaker has, and low-key one of the most powerful Talents in the game.

Level 25 Talent: Miner’s Rhythm (More Stamina Regen after a power attack.)
Reason: You’ll use power attacks a lot with this weapon, so it’s pretty much nearly always active. And Stamina Regeneration helps this build a lot. You’ll be able to just hold block against even 12681 Berserkers at the same time and not lose a single shield. You’ll be able to do the Push - Bash combo forever. It’s great. Also, in contrast, you won’t get enough mileage out of Rolling Mountain with this build, and Dawi Defiance is a plainly bad skill.

Level 30 Talent: Booming Taunt (Longer Ult duration and wider area of effect.)
Reason: Actually, this entire row can be a viable choice, but I like this one best because everybody in Legend and up should be able to hold monster aggro without dying anyways, and the extra range can be used to free teammates from disablers where you can’t otherwise. It also is just useful to have damage reduction for a little longer in clutch situations. Drengbarazi Oath is quite good as well. This Talent pick is mostly up to personal choice.

So, that’s it, basically. If you plan on doing Legend only, other breakpoints might be better (since mine were selected with Cataclysm in mind), but the gist of the rest of it should apply 1:1. Summary of some core points for this class:

  • Axe & Shield (seems to me to) beat Hammer & Shield in every situation I can imagine because of its way better combo moveset and more useful light attacks. (Might be personal though, but I never managed to make Hammer & Shield work nearly as well.) Learn to use the different combos of the Axe & Shield, and you’ll find it’s a way more versatile weapon than most people give it credit for.
  • Block Cost Reduction & Stamina Regeneration are pretty much key bonusses for this build. Extra Power is neat as well. Extra Stamina seems redundant to me personally.
  • You can kill / deal with everything, but you will often take (too) long doing that. Specials are the bane of your existance though, but you have the tools to deal with any of them.
  • Don’t forget you have your axe! Don’t just be a staggerbot, you’re more useful if you fight as well, but apply your staggers liberally and in service of your mates when you can.
  • Don’t play passively when you used your Ult. Use it to draw attention from your teammates (or even free them), or to get a boost in a sticky situation, but never just turtle up by holding block and doing nothing else. Fight like you always would have anyways. It’s also really good to stagger away stuff like a hookrat or monster approaching you when you can’t dodge properly or deal with it otherwise.
  • Gromril Curse is the single best thing about Ironbreaker as a class.
  • THP on Stagger + Shield = Extremely good.
  • Ironbreaker-ing requires a slightly different mindset than playing most other classes. Have a mindset to guard and support your team, rather than a berserker-charge-and-shoot-every-mob-you-see mindset. Be patient in engaging enemies, and during combat. Situational awareness is everything. Know where your mates are, and know where the danger is coming from. You have the unique ability to keep a problem under control even before it gets really bad, instead of resulting in a wipe. You pretty much need your mates as well on the other hand, since your killing speed is slow. Sometimes Ironbreakering is a thankless job, because if you did your job right, your mates might feel the run was very easy without realizing why (and properly crediting you), but you can make a huge difference regardless.

I personally find this class very satisfying (especially with a good team), and some of my fondest memories playing Vermintide are of ridiculous clutches I managed to pull off with this class. In a perfecly skilled and coordinated team Ironbreaker might not be the most optimal choice, but most of the time you can be a huge help anyways and I hardly ever did not have fun playing him. Good luck!

If you don’t like shields (why?!), other decent weapons on Ironbreaker are Dual Hammers or 2H Hammer. Those require adjustments to Talent picks and weapon trait selections though, so let me know if you want that. But obviously, shields are superior to everything else in this game. Right?

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I don’t know what you Axe and Shield folk are on about. Hammer and shield is the clearly superior IB weapon. Wide sweeps and an amazing push stab followup to bash down elites. Axe in all its forms is clearly inferior to its hammer counterparts (source: The best Bardin player in the world and not just some pub scrub spouting off a highly opinionated statement).

I played that because I had more fun with those.

I would very much like to see some (Cata) gameplay of a Hammer & Shield IB who does more than stagger stuff. Just to learn how it’s done. Like I said in my post, I personally never been able to make that weapon work better than Axe & Shield…

Another advice:
Dont focus too much on certain weapons being the key to Legend.
Sure one weapon does a certain job better than the other. Focus on general stuff. Like dodging, positioning, decisionmaking.


@DatDing15 makes an important point. Have a look through the player guide section of the forums for some tips. I also posted a mini guide for keeping teammates alive in legend a while back so worth a quick read as it’s from the perspective of IB.

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Thanks guys!

I am reading and taking in your comments and will change my build somewhat to see if this can help me with better results, and continue to soldier on and “git gud” for success in Legend.

If I remember I’ll try to come back and tell you how it went, but I don’t promise anything.

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Not going to write a full guide, but here’s a few tips and things i use on my IB.

I use the Pickaxe and mine chaos warriors skulls with it, if you max out damage vs armored and chaos you can easily kill groups of CW just by carefully dodging their attacks and then using heavies to smash their heads in, same goes for SV.

The 20% more power ult is really good for helping yourself and team mates do alot of damage in a pinch.

I also use the Drakefire pistols, because they’re versatile and generally work well at staggering groups of enemies, plus they’re somewhat under used.

Gromrils Curse is S tier against disablers, use it.

Using Bark Skin is a must, since with it, you take barely any damage when you’re in very bad situations and receive multiple hits in a short time. Also it pretty much makes you invincible when combined with the ult.

Pickaxe is really good on Ironbreaker, because its cleave scales so well with power. And no other Bardin career has as much boosts to power as Ironbreaker.

My main setup for Ironbreaker is to take every power boost he has to offer, and with the pickaxe and drakegun as weapons.

I do love it when someone asks for an IB build and literally every post has a different build. Dawi versatility at its finest :slight_smile:.


Well slayer have 30% power boost nearly all time, and IB can have it only near your team and with ult ;p

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Slayer has a damage buff all the time. That’s almost the same as a power buff, but the power buff increases cleave while damage doesn’t.

Only passives increase cleave, any active buff (icon buff) wont increase cleave


Oh really? Huh. Didn’t know that yet.

Oh don’t get me wrong, pickaxe is great on Slayer too. I take pickaxe + 2h axe as my main build for Slayer. And I suppose now that you mention it Slayer probably can get comparable power, especially with 2 2h weapons.

I still really like pickaxe as Ironbreaker though. Maybe it’s just a stylistic thing, idk. The extra utility with ranged weapon support and gromril curse is nice too.