Bardin - Tank - Parrying

I agree, I don’t think it’s overpowered taking in consideration the low output damage. I cannot one shot armored ones, but I can unbalance them with the charge & bash the shield in the teeth and at that time, if I can land a hit with the right angle, one shot. But this happens only with the “minor” armored/shielded ones.
So a lot of art craft is needed to say it’s overpowered.

Yes, you are describing what I said. If you can just attack, you just attack. If you have to defend, you have to defend. If 4 chaos warrs and a horde are in your face, you cannot just attack with any weapon. However, it’s possible to control them to some degree with certain weapons, such as the axe and shield, enabling damage dealers to defend less so the damage of the group goes up.

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