Bardin Ranger ability cannot be extended with concentration potion - it ends prematurely

Issue Summary:
I drink concentration potion and then use my ability.
Then, when my ability has only about 3 seconds left, I use it again. But after those 3 seconds it disappears, even though the timer on the icon was displaying the correct remaining duration.

I agree, using concentration potion has been inconsistent lately. It almost feels like a hard cap is set on how many times you can use F and how long it lasts with one potion use (on certain characters). Meanwhile, Pyro and Handmaiden have worked fine for me consistently so far.

I believe that you can not cloak while you are cloaked.
Same was true in the past (and might still be, I never checked in the last month) with the Handmaiden cloak, where with a Conc potion you were able to dash faster than every 3 seconds, as well.

Hi QP10, thanks for the report. I have forwarded this issue to one of our gameplay programmer.


And it’s now fixed internally. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!


i did some tests and you have to go out of the smoke before you activate the ability again, nice to hear you fixed the issue internally

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