Using career skill before first runs out as ranger veteran doesn’t work

Hi. When I was playing ranger veteran today on War Camp Legendary (private solo game), I used career skill and then drank a concentration potion (with decanter) (or maybe I drank before I ulted, but either way, the initial ult was already ready for use).

When the bar filled again, I used career skill again. This was before the first one ran out. It created a new ring and smoke and played the sound, and removed my first ult as well, but it had literally no effect. Did not make me invisible, did not grey my screen, and did not proc exhilarating vapours.

Is this a bug or a design choice?

This is strange…

Ok, I can reproduce this in the Keep. It happens whenever you drink Concentration Potion (I had decanter) BEFORE activating both the first ult and the second ult.

So you 1) drink concoction 2) activate first ult 3) activate second ult outside of the first as soon as it’s ready, and you will see that it makes the ring and sound but has no effect.

This is obviously a bug, since as long as you activate the 1st ult BEFORE you drink the concentration potion, the second ult happens normally. Hope to get a Dev Response for this!!! This can definitely be an unfair run ender.

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