Bardin passive bad translation for Italian

Bardin passive skill is bad translated. It seems as you made a special kill instead of you kill a special unit. Can you adjust it?

Would you mind elaborating on the issue here please?

Please explain in Italian if that’s easier for you.

The description is completely missed.
The Italian translation in English is like “When an enemy dies, the special attacks drop an ammunition pickup…”

The correct Italian translation for the passive can be:
“Quando un nemico Speciale muore, lascia un sacchetto di munizioni che, se raccolto, ripristina il 10% del valore massimo di munizioni”

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Appreciate it! :slight_smile:

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No problem.

It seems it has been translated by someone with a basic knowledge of Italian language, so they made a confusion trying to convey the message.
We Italian can omit the subjects in the phrases if it’s clear who/what we are referring to.

Thank you Simferius. Sei italiano? Giochi su quale piattaforma?

Gioco su Steam. Saluti

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