Bardin Great Axe Illusion Missing from the Emporium (SkruffsMaraz) + 2 Other Illusion bugs + Another Misc Bug

What the title says, if you go into the Bardin Great Axe Illusions Skruffsmaraz is missing from the Emporium.

Here’s video evidence.

One of the Illusion bugs come in the form of the Great Axe Drungazaz not being represented correctly in the illusion table jpeg. It should use its own unique image and instead uses the same illusion jpeg as Uzkulaz. The other Illusion bug comes from Kruber’s Halberd Gilded Glory being represented as an Orange tier illusion despite it being a red tier illusion.

Here’s video evidence.

The last bug I have to report is a strange one. For some reason on Saltzpyre and Sienna the notification icon for a new Item present in your inventory persists no matter what, even if I scrap a new item in an attempt to clear it the icon won’t go away. Strangely enough this icon isn’t present on the other 3 heroes Kruber/Kerrilian/Bardin. This is on official with no mods active, after a verification of local files done.

Here’s video evidence checking all Saltzpyre/Sienna Classes + the other 3 heroes to show off the icon just being localized to those 2 heroes

Thank you for your report, I’ve raised #1 with development whilst #2 is already a known issue. As for #3, have a look at:

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