Backstep - buff on non AP - Weapons

I don´t know if something like that already got demand.

I would like to see some weapons in a better spot. Especially Weapons like:

  • Kerillians Doubleswords
  • Sienna´s Sword and Firesword
  • Kruber´s Sword

The “non-AP” - weapons are mostly good on horde - deeds, but they´re bad at the rest. Even a headshot buff would be useless, since they don´t have a 3rd light or 1st heavy like other weapons. (falchion, kerillians sword)
So it would be cool to give them a backstabbing buff like:

    • 30% AP if you attack an enemy from the side
    • 50% AP if you attack an enemy from the back

It´s not a strong buff at all and it´s definately meant to fight chaos warriors. I don´t want them overbuffed. Weapons like the double-swords should be double-swords and not new doubledaggers/SnD, but CW´s are just pain. That´s why i would like to go that way and don´t want some overall dmg - buffs. (like the overtuned boss-dmg-buff on some weapons)


Nice idea and a good way to make use of the increased mobility you gain with them.
I also see this approach enhancing teamplay to a certain degree as the other more heavy damaging weapons draw the agro of mobs with frontal attacks and opens up opportunities for higher damage for the other mates. I can already see the 180s on bosses after a few stabs to the back.

The problem would be, in a game where the majority of the time enemies are coming to you, and no really aggro management like in traditional RPG, how often can you reliably utilize backstab? Shade already has similar passive, yet it is one of those passives which look good on paper, but mediocre or even crap in practice.
It would be cool, but hardly practical imho.

so…you wanna be rewarded for letting the other players take aggro for you so you can pretend you’re contributing by playing DPS in a co-op game? no, get outta here with your selfish wishes.

I’m not saying to let a teammate take the agro, i’m saying it would happen nevertheless.

Afaik agro is drawn by the player that deals the highest damage, so from the get go you are ignored if there’s a halberd or glaive hitting the same target as you. It would create windows of opportunity to down some enemies faster. I’m having a specific scenario in mind where a few chaos warriors go after an ally that hits them a few times then has to kite the whole group. You could help him kill them faster or at least ease the pressure on him.

I don’t get the hostility and why you think it’s selfish. Unless you consider the fact that a player wants to use weapons outside of the meta as selfish, in which case, yes, you are correct. But teamplay is enhanced by this imo, just think. Would you rather have a 1h sword/firesword/etc user not help or do minimal damage when several chaos warriors are chasing you?

As Darth_Angeal mentioned, it’s not a great buff and situational at best so it could considered a perk for less used weapons.

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That´s true, but it´s viable. Especially CW´s and even Bosses are quite slow in their animations, so with some mobility, you´re able to get them from the side / back, even if you got the aggro by yourself.

Yes it´s a coop game… so… is the IB - ultimate selfish too? ( " PLAY IB SO I CAN DO DMG!!!")
This is no wish, that´s an idea to make some actually “useless” weapons more viable. As long as CW´s exists in the game, the non - AP weapons are just pain.
As long as the whole team is alive, a Halberd - Kruber or Dual Daggers Shade or whoever, will kill them immediately, but if you´ve to fight them alone, you should be able to do more. And like i told, it´s possible to dance around them and to do a little bit more than you could do now.
FS could buff them into nowhere, i´ve no problem with that. But there is no need for more Falchion´s 2.0 or more Dual Daggers in that game.

I agree with you about the weapons that should be in a better spot. The buffs they received were in the right direction, but the numbers were too low. I really think it’s that simple.

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