Backend error upon launching

As of today, I literally cannot launch the game now. When I go to play, I get a backend error: 52500 and it says game has corrupt files, although I verified and everything came back normal and all files verified… Help?

Side note: I was able to boot the game up prior to this today, and didn’t have any issues, this happened AFTER buying the new premium cosmetic for Kruber. Correlation?

I uninstalled ALL mods except for no wobble, re-verified, then restarted pc. Works now, so maybe it’s mod related.

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Had the exact same problem occur with the same circumstances. Will see if I can fix it own my own and will update.

EDIT: Here’s the image I get when booting up.

For anyone wondering, that mod is the “Countries in Lobby” Mod. It lets you see which country a lobby is hosted from. I’ll explain more in a bit on why it’s apparently the problem mod.

Going to now go through my modlist. For anyone curious my current modlist is:

If you can see, Countries in Lobby Browser is unsanctioned but the funny thing is I have been playing with that mod on the OFFICAL REALM so my only understanding is that Fatshark removed it’s sanctioned status and I never knew about it.

Going to only disable it and see if it fixes all my issues. As OP stated, I also have only begun experiencing problems once I booted up TODAY.

EDIT 2: Yeah, disable Countries in Lobby Browser



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