Backend Error: Couldn't Solve Host

Issue Description:
Yesterday no problems.
Today, changed nothing and now launching the game can sometimes end in this backend error and 100% of the time I’ll get this same error when finishing a game ( The portal counter end and then immediate crash, no end screen not even dark screen).

Crash Report (If Applicable):
[Please see instructions on how to provide a crash report in the pinned Topic]
Here is a console log with the crash : [Log version] 1[Session] 7bf55399-4214-498b-8bce-6555d3aa3aeaUTC time stamps -


Sorry to hear this.

Please run through our connectivity error solutions for this, here:

Please let me know how this goes.

Hello, i’m new tp this community and love the project since i’m a a 40k fan, unforttunatelly, i’m on pc and trying to accsess the game trough the xbox game pass, but every time i try to play, i get to the select agent menu, but it won’t start the campaign, giving me black screen, i tryed letting it work out itself but even after 30 mins it still keeps getting stuck at that black screen, i’ve seen a reply you guys done on this subject before mentioning a patch? Is it out yet and i forgot to install it or it will come in the future? ty in aadvance and keep up the great work!

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