Awakening of The Woods Challenge bugged

Shows 500 completed, but no Claim Reward button.

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Could you check now, please? :slight_smile:

Checked. Nothing changed.

Checked again. Verfified files. Now it shows as completed, but the Progress for the SoTT frame challenge still shows 18 out of 20 done. Should be 19/20.

EDIT: Just to be clear the new challenge I’m talking about is Reborn Through the Weave.

Fixed now. Awakening of the Woods is completed.
Reborn Through the Weave shows 19/20 as it should.
Not sure if that was you or the game. Got Awakening of the woods in some random quickplay match playing as Sott just now and that fixed the Reborn Through the Weave as well.

Thanks for help.

That would be our Backend Engineer! :smiley: Happy to hear it.

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