Attack speed increase bug

Issue Summary:

The game is not calculating attack speed increase as the wording would indicate.
It would seem that the proper wording should have been “Attack time decrease”.

It’s very apparent on Slayer with 67.5% attack speed increase, as without doing thorough testing, it would seem that his attack time is tripled when using all available attack speed buffs, which would indicate that his attack time is reduced to 32.5% (the equivalent of 200% attack speed increase) instead of his attack speed being increased.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play Slayer (7.5% increased attack speed)
  2. Equip Dual Axes with attack 5% atk speed on and 5% atk speed on charm. (10% increased attack speed)
  3. Roll weapon trait to “Swift Slaying” (20% increased attack speed)
  4. Use your career skill (30% increased attack speed)
  5. If attack speed is additive you should now have (7.5+5+5+20+30)= 67.5% attack speed increase.
  6. If it is multiplicative from different sources it should be (1.075*1.10*1.20*1.30)=84.47% attack speed increase.
  7. Hit a dummy continuously and notice that you are attacking about 3 times as fast (which should require 200% attack speed increase) compared to not having the attack speed increases.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%)

Additional Information:

Proper calculation for attack speed increases should be something like this:

Attack Time in seconds: ATs
Attack speed buff (Additive): ASA1. ASA2 etc.
Attack speed buff (Multiplicative): ASM1. ASM2 etc.

Attack time = ATs/((1+ASA1+ASA2...)*(1+ASM1)*(1+ASM2))

total attack speed increase = (1+ASA1+ASA2)*(1-ASM1)*(1-ASM2)


Attack time for melee swing: 2s
Weapon property (ASA1): 5%
Charm property (ASA2): 5%
Perk (ASA3): 7.5%
Weapon Trait (ASM1): 20%
Career skill (ASM2): 30%

New Attack Time: 2/((1+(5%)+(5%)+(7.5%))*(1+(20%))*(1+(30%))) = 1.09 seconds

Alternatively, math out the speed sources at the start:

1.175 * 1.2 * 1.3 = 1.833 = 83.3%

2 / 1.833 = 1.09 seconds to attack

Final note:

With the system as it is, it is almost impossible to balance the dwarf’s weapons, as a Slayer breaks the logic any balancing can apply with 37.5% attack time decrease available to him through his perk and career skill compared to the other dwarf careers.
Another thing is that atk speed has exponential gains - which makes it even harder to balance.

I’d suggest that the speed buffs are actual increases in attack speed instead of whatever they are now.

  • Increase the attack speed buff on charm and weapon to 10%.
  • Charm, weapon and talents/perks should be additive with each other
  • Career skills and procs like swift slaying and paced strikes should be multiplicative.

+speed potion?

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Breaks it even further but seems to be multiplicative. In other words it doubles the attack speed to a whopping 6x faster than with no increases

I’m not sure how the calculations work exactly in the game I can just empirically test that they are broken

Gonna semi necro this thread. @FatsharkJulia @Fatshark_Hedge is this a bug or is it “working as intended”, but poorly worded?

This has been queried internally but the developer who specialises in these matters is particularly busy right now and hasn’t had the chance to verify. We’ll pop a message in here as soon as we know more.

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Thank you.

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