Attachments when? or is it canned?

So ever since hedge being the blunt force being the fatshark PR team came out and said it aient cod, pretty much enforcing the view that the attachment system both mentioned in articles and in gameplay trailers is canned… Can we get offical statement from fatshark regarding this now?

its a bit silly at this point that we are left without offical word from the devs that the attachemnt system is canned, or is it still in the works and hedge had another bad day???

Would not take much to say yes its still in devlopement, or no its canned due to creative differences or w/e!

The games great, just a little info would be nice


I think that hedge’s comment is enough to kill the hype for us.

I really wish it wasn’t true though. It’s lame having a blackout modifier with no way to add lights to more weapons. Attachments + swappable grenades could have been enough to tide us over only having 4 classes on release.


I think its lower priority than any other known issues they found(or not). :rofl:

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I just can leave my feedback here that i really really would like to see an Attachment and modification system for weapons.

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