Assassin and Mainstay don't increase Ranged Damage but Bulwark does

I’ve observed some interactions with the level 15 talents on the infantry target dummies:

According to the patch notes, ranged weapons are affected by the new stagger damage increase but have the “Smiter” talent by default. This is consistent with my results as picking “Smiter” doesn’t change any ranged damage values but hitting a target that has been staggered 2 times does increase damage to 140%.

Picking “Bulwark” also increases the damage of ranged weapons by the stated 10%. This is in conflict with Bulwarks description claiming “Enemies that you stagger take 10% more damage from MELEE attacks for 2 seconds.”

Picking “Mainstay” does NOT increase ranged damage on staggered targets even though the description doesn’t specify that it would only apply to melee damage (like Bulwarks description does).

Picking “Assassin” does NOT increase ranged damage on headshots or critical hits even though the description would lead you to believe that it would affect all damage (again, unlike the description of “Bulwark”).

This is inconsistent. It’s possible that the only talent that is supposed to affect ranged damage is “Enhanced Power” and “Bulwark” is simply bugged or it’s description is outdated/wrong.

I hope “Mainstay” and “Assassin” are bugged and are supposed to affect ranged damage too but either way the descriptions of the talents are misleading at the moment.


Have queried this with design. Thanks!

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