Armoury Cosmetic Shop Not Working, New Cosmetic Dot Not Clearing

This exists on my Ogryn character, but not on my second. I’ve gone through and equipped every cosmetic item I’ve got, and the dot is not going away. This has persisted since the game went from pre-order beta to full release.

I’m also unable to purchase any of the cosmetics from the Armoury: I select an item, hit the “Acquire” button, then the button greys out for every item and nothing is deducted from my ordo dockets. When I leave and go back in, the button is available again but the problem persists. I have only recently noticed this issue.

Both issues are on our radar. Thank you.

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More details: I can purchase weapon skins from the Armoury but, while I get them in my collection, they are not removed from the store and I cannot equip them.

EDIT: It does equip them, but it’s still present in the Armoury shop screen

I’m experiencing the same issue, since the release the “new” indicator has not cleared on my Ogryn. Does not happen on other classes.