Are gors + zerks/monks doing intened damage?


Gors doing 62 damage on their weapon swings solo, more than any other non-elite unit (marauders is 50, for example). But my bigger concern is system that, supposedly limits enemy damage when there are multiple of them around you. I tried and tried, but Gor weapon swing only goes to 50 damage and stays there, no matter how many of gors/ gors+ungors I spawned around me. Chaos and skaven are much more limited by this, up to 50% of their solo damage, maybe even more.

Is this (both solo and crowd) damage intended? Considering beastman hordes are mostly gors I can see how they are a force of nature they are now. Their weapon swings came slow enough not to be threatening much solo (unless backstabbed), but in crowds… ouch.

And zerks/monks question is as such — is that intended that their combo finisher attack is the most damaging single hit in the game? 125 damage on Legend. That will take out any 100 base health hero wearing 20% more health necklace — or any 125 health base health hero without one. Sure, you can see it coming a mile away, but… just pure damage is enough to raise my eyebrows a bit.


It’s very noticable on Cata, where gors in hordes sometimes pretty much one-shot from a single enemy. I highly doubt that this is intentional and I certainly hope it is not.


Cata gor solo weapon swing attack damage is 75, didn’t test in crowds.

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I’ve asked game designer @Ratherdone


Great, thank you! This guys is awesome at answering those questions.

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