Anyone got a code for the WH+ Darktide frame?

I didn’t know about the promo till it was over, and I can’t ask on Reddit as I’ve got a global ban for calling a power tripping mod a wet sock.



I sent email to GW support last week

"Thank you for your email

Currently, there is a slight delay in getting these codes out to customers and we expect these all to be sent by the end of this week. Please let us know if you have not seen yours by this time next week.

Thank you for all your patience in this matter

Kind Regards"

I sent a follow-up earlier cuz I still didn’t get it, but I think they are just very slow

edit: I will say I’ve seen posts like this from two weeks ago now where users are saying they have received it, idk

I got my code today after replying to my GW support email. I recommend reaching out to their support if you still haven’t gotten it.

That path probably wouldn’t work for me, had to be a WH+ subscriber before certain date which I was not.