Any chance of more mcfarlane darktide figures?

Got no clue if this is the right adress for these kind of questions, though it would make sense to start here first asking:

are there any plans to continue the mcfarlane figure line, cooperate with them further or are the rights to produce those purely on their side?

the reason i’m asking is once i get hooked on a game i can’t help but get some figures from it if available.

and once you start building a diorama, those currently produced are far from enough to depict a proper scene.

any chance of getting some poxwalkers(would buy 50 at an instant) snipers, trappers, plague ogryn ?
maybe get an option to have your character made as a custom figure based on the existing ogryn in my case.

even having proper .stl files would help a lot, been churning out stuff for other projects for weeks on end from my 3d printer.

“traitor guard” variants are ok for scab gunner and shotgunner respectively, but some more scabs or dregs for horde building would be appreciated.

kind regards


GW would burn Fatshark and McFarlane to the ground if they ever released stl files for anything 40k related.

Beyond that I think this is as decent a place as any to ask, although it would probably gain some more attention if you put it in the Darktide general chat.

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Completely forgot games workshop having such a dislike for anything 3d print related.

though they can’t lose money on a product they don’t even offer and given a certain quality i’d absolutely pay for the files.

sad to see such a fun line of figures discontinued when it only scratched the surface of the games content.

personally i don’t intend to simply put them on a shelf side by side, i love building whole scenes from the game, having switched to a smaller scale some time ago from 1/6 figures due to storage and space issues

maybe with darktide getting traction again fatshark could give mcfarlane a little push to add some basic figures, one can dream.

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I have al the Darktide figures that got released, but it feels like an incomplete mess. Ogryn and Veteran, but no Zealot or Psyker. Pre-painted variant of the Traitor Guard, but only an unpainted variant of the Veteran. Not sure what the idea was behind that.

That said, I would love to see more Darktide figures. Even better: I would pay top dollar for a custom made figurine of my Ogryn.

totally agree, would have ordered 2 ogryn in my ingame drip at least, given the chance.

but sadly it seems these figures are made for an audience unfamiliar with darktide and just for the flavor of it.

i got no illusions most people dont buy these if they play and those who do get their one mascot to place on their desk.

few army build or even do proper backdrops, even fewer 3d print accessoiries.

like threezero making beautiful 1/6 power armor figures, got 2 at 500€ each but no raider, ghoul, mutant or critters.

had to 3d print my mr handy and a deathclaw plus a protectron at around 300 hours total.

given the low filament price they were dirt cheap and not half bad, still i’d buy an articulated deathclaw in a heartbeat.(and i got the project on ice for 3 years now)

that is to show people are willing to enjoy their hobbies given the chance, the number of people arent enough though to fire up a production line, sadly.

so i gonna kitbash a sniper from the body of a traitor guard and some nozzle/masked figure from mcfarlane and have a 70%character instead of none, but a diorama with 50 poxwalkers 10 ragers 3 bulwarks and crushers will likely not happen.

(wallet sighs in relief)