Another Blightstormer casting bug + other

Are your devs really ignore this “casting through walls” issues? It’s all over the place, more conspicuous on Hunger in the Dark because of the tight places with walls all around.

Here’s another report for Blightstormer casting through wall. Before the first tome.

The Stormer was on the spot, where my sister saw it (Saltzpyre). It’s a shame the book vanished, she killed it, and the vortex was gone.

As you can see it casted without line of sight (yes, overlapping textures with 1 pixel holes in it, nope, that’s not fair) from that point where Victor stands in that direction where i look (ish).

Can you urge the “not fair” bugs’ fixing? Assassins began to skate again on terrain, Beastmen began to stab through mob multiple times (sometimes stunlock you), and sometimes backstab sounds go missing as well for the mighty beasties since the season 2 came out. These are fixed issues, fixed not once, multiple times, and they still coming back like ghosts.

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