Animation bugs that affect combat

Sometimes when im using the force sword ill use my warp charge weapon special and itll show the sword with the some of the effects of it being active but isnt so when go to say melee a mauler or other tanky enemy it can leave me in a bad spot. It doesnt seem to happen when im just activating it and trying to melee immediately so it seems like its maybe when im hit during the sword warp charge animation that causes it. Im not 100% sure but i do know that it messes up the flow of combat for me and takes away from my fun and enjoyment of the game. On a diff note, ive had times where im charging a stave alt fire and i havent gotten hit but the attack just doesnt seem to go off which leaves what wouldve been some staggered enemies hitting me in the face. Dont know what needs to be done to fix stuff like this but it would really help make the game more enjoyable and fun!