Amulet of ashur help please

having similar problem to others ive seen posted here done first weave dark omens etc and still no amulet i see the woman in my keep but can’t talk to her help please?

Hi @RaistlinMajere

Can you please provide me with your Steam profile URL so I can take a look?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

that should be what you need sorry for delay been busy

Hi @RaistlinMajere,

This should be fixed for you now :slight_smile:

Im having issues as well with this Steam Community :: kilozeta

Hi @KiloZetaGaming, this should be resolved for you now too!

I’m having this issue as well. Here’s my profile link. Steam Community :: KittnCndy

Should be resolved for you too @KittnCndy :slight_smile:

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