Ammo shower, grenade drought

Is it me or there is suddenly a ton of ammo pickups but very few grenades and even more rarely medipacks?

I want more grenades!

Welcome to the idiocy of letting a bunch of loud mouthed kids with serious personality disorders (aka “content creators”) be the sole source of feedback. The “community testing team” didn’t like that players weren’t having to micromanage ammo and grenades so to appease them ObeseTubaFish nerfed the one somewhat consistent source of replenishment for both (Veteran’s Scavenger and Demolition Team). So now whenever the program that distrubutes drops gets a brain fart and gets stuck in a loop there is no fallback.

I’m sure some self-centered buttwipe with ego issues will come along to declare that this a “skill issue” soon enough and state that “because I have no problems doing this you are bad now shut up and kiss my feet”. Just remember that what they aren’t telling you is that the rest of the group actually dragged their dead weight along between those rare cases when they actually contributed more than a bot would offer.

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