AMD driver now using wrong exe

Issue Description:
Before last patch, AMD driver used to have the darktide.exe for its game executable.
This has now changed to the driver using darktide_shadercache_builder.exe or sometimes GPUDetection.exe as its gamer executables.

As a consequence, none of the driver options are now available somehow.
I just changed to vertical sync and this happened and the game is now tuck in vertical sync somehow because the driver is not addressing the proper executable.

edit : looks like AMD driver created a new profile for darktide_shadercache_builder.exe or sometimes GPUDetection.exe and would not switch to the darktide.exe profile no matter what.

Deleted the new wrong profiles and manually creating a darkide.exe linked profile solved this.


Player ID:
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Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

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Thank you for sharing - I’ve passed this on.