Always same Grail knight duties

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I recently started playing grail knight and have come to a problem, in the last 5 games played I always get the same 2 duties as grail knight, namely the “kill monster” for attack speed and “slay elites” for attack power. As far as i know these should be random from a pool of 5 duties every mission?

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Have you played more missions since to confirm ?
They are random (or supposed to be), this could be a streak of (un)lucky RNG.

If you find out what’s causing it the info would be appreciated. It would great if there’s a way to cause it to pick specific duties on purpose. The only current ways I know of are to play FoW (which cuts out the damage reduction and health regen duties) or by using the Choose Grail Knight Quests mod on modded. Kill monsters gives cooldown regen. Kill specials is the one that gives attack speed.

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