Always display player outlines

This is a feature in Vermintide 2 that we can enable in the options. This allows us to always see outlines of our teammates. Such a feature is a MUST HAVE for Darktide where enemies and other players look even more similar than they did in Vermintide 2.


Yeah. I can’t stand the “Batman Arkham Vision” currently in the game. On more than one occasion I’ve accidentally shot people in my peripheral vision because I can’t immediately parse them as friendly.

I’m absolutely fine with sacrificing aesthetics for functionality and clarity in a game like this where you need to constantly make split second decisions.


To take it a step further for cleaner UI, it’d be neat to additionally allow us to hide usernames above players. It would look way better if they player outlines were displayed, and we didn’t see their names (which is hard to associate with the actual player model in the midst of a fight anyway).

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I like the xray actually. And yes i want to be able to have it always on.

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