Allow us to tag enemies while grabbed

In particular, the mutant that chain locks you grabbing you all the time is a massive bummer and people in quick play most of the time are blissfully unaware of what is happening, even if a couple meters away.

When the mutant grab locks you because, design, let us tag it while incapacitated.

edit : also goes for the trapper.


Didn’t this get enabled in previous patches and now is not possible following the patch last week ?

I remember it working in the beta and on release, and I thought it was a neat feature, it baffles me that they patched this feature out instead of patching one of the many actual issues with the game.

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I think I’ve managed to tag them a few times, it’s just weird getting the angle of it right sometimes? I dunno. It’d be nice to be able to tag while captured too.

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Imo, when ever any of the disablers (Mutant, Dog, Trapper) successfully disable someone, they should be auto tagged.

People tag enemies far too little and also, people do not pay enough attention to what happens to their teammates.

This could help.
It would not affect players on higher difficulties THAT much, since they tend to tag more often anyway, but it would certainly help players who are new to the game and do not (yet) use the manual tag function very often.

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