Allow us to customize the reticle

This may be a frivolous request, but with the greater emphasis on ranged combat this time around I would be grateful to be able to customize the reticle in several ways like in a great number of FPS games:

  1. Change of colour
  2. Change of shape
  3. Change of size
  4. Option to enable during ADS

1: There are a lot of bright areas in this game, and the white reticle can disappear among them. Being able to change the colour for preference of the user is essential.

2: The shape of some reticles is “understandable” considering how they are popularly presented in other games. e.g. Shotgun has a square reticle. However, I don’t care about this. I like the reticle to aid accuracy, not mysteriously tell me something about bullet spread.

3: The size of several reticles is bizzare. The shotgun reticle appears to be one pixel thick. Contrast this against the revolver reticle.

4: This is just because I have bad eyesight and occasionally lose reference while aiming down sight.

  1. Reticle dilation/constriction

5: Instead of having shapes to represent bullet spread/behaviour. Reticle bloom and constriction to represent changes in bullet spread or accuracy is included in many other games.