Reticle option

Suggestion: can we have the option to change the reticle shape or atleast change color of the reticle?

It really hard to see the white reticle against some of the back grounds. And it’s easy to loose it esp when the chaos starts.

Give this a go,

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Yep there’s a mod for exactly this issue, it’s already sanctioned too.

I am on PS4 so i cant really use the the PC mods :frowning:

Oh that’s a shame. I guess your only hope would be to have Fatshark implement the same functionality into the base game. There’s another mod I’m hoping they pick up which tweaks the size of crosshairs so that they exactly match the weapons real cone of fire. The current crosshairs are static and don’t scale to things like monitor resolution.

Unfortunately this mod is not allow you to make normal horizontal-vertical crosshair instead of lame 45degree turned.

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