Add another Crosshair, that tiny dot in the middle is too small

For example like a little plus symbol appears when you hit a weak spot it should be as default on your screen

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May be worth checking out the Crosshair Customisation mod (Found Here). Doesn’t let you change the type but I believe it is possible to make the dot larger. I only use it to change the colour so not entirely sure of the range of customisation.

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nah I’m XBOX

Watch yo mouth boy . Xbox 4 life

Ye sure in 2010 not now buddy

Pc master race :slight_smile: Crosshair isnt really usefull in melee, cause attack patterns often dont het exactly that dot, for example if you wanna headshot. It only helps when you start aiming at special to shoot him while still having melee in your hand to block.

They could still add it to chose like in overwatch, it’s basically nothing complicated to do

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Overwatch in 2019??? :sleepy:

idk man , it’s just an suggestion, I came from fps shooters a long way , I’m used to it to crosshairs

I prefer the tiny little dot and I turn off the crosshairs myself but I am all for more hud customization in the main game.

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can you do that on xbox ?

I’m not sure if you can do that on Xbox, I use a mod to turn all the crosshairs off so I’m just left with the little dot, and to change the colour of the crit/headshot hit marker to red so I can see it better.

How ever adding those features to the main game on all platforms would be a great move in my opinion.

Before they added a mod for pc I used an app that came inbuilt with my monitor to add a + in the middle of my screen.
I have also heard of third party apps that can do this.
Failing that you could do a ghetto crosshair by sticking something in the middle of your screen.

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Ah the meta of Rainbow Six Vegas 1. Those were my happiest memories in childhood.

Can confirm - this mod lets you put a X-hair up on melee weapons with the “Forced Melee Crosshair” option. It uses the same “x” as Kurber’s/Bardin’s handgun. In addition, I like to use the bottom pair of marks only, so it’s distinctive from the range weapons and you know at a glance that you are in melee. And you can customize the size as well.

Massively useful with Rapier, Spear, or anything else that stabs.

Such a simple thing and Fatshark can’t add it to the consoles

How big is the console audience? I can’t find numbers for it anywhere. For VT1 it’s available, but for VT2, nothing. To be fair, it’s probably a very small player base, so I don’t think FS working on porting mods is a top priority. Especially with the amount of work they would have to do nearly every patch that breaks them.

I only play on ps atm coz im getting a new pc. Afternoons, I find champion quick plays instantly theres just some connection issues.

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