Allies didn't respawn

I don’t know what caused it but my allies didn’t respawn.

However we had a gas rat sound bug, don#t know if it has to do something with it

I played unchained with the new aoe burn dot ult.
no clue why it happened. bug seems to be new

I’ve also had it before. It comes together with new players not loading in as well for me, whenever it (rarely) happens. They try to join, but on their end the loading screen just takes infinitely. They can still send chat messages, and read the chat, and hear sounds like you normally can while loading in. That, together with dead players and bots not respawning as if you’re playing an “Abduction” Deed.

I suspect it has to do with something going wrong when a player joins but leaves halfway doing that, since that usually precludes the bugged game.

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