All i see is scoreboard posts here

fatshark its quite clear what people want including myself. please dont give us a scoreboard worse then VT2 this game absolutely needs a scoreboard of high quality with the base stuff like damage, kills, elite kills, boss damage and such that we had plus new stats like stagger amount so ogryn can see some juicy numbers. dont mess this up its super important.


That’s just one weirdo necro posting old threads

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or maybe people actually want a scoreboard because we were playing with one for many years of vermintide and now it just doesnt exist? cant just take away something that worked great and many people loved. doesnt make any sense

Removing the scoreboard was heresy.

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i think this camps going the quantity > quality route

As per our previous comms on the beta and what to expect

Working on, but not in the beta:

  • We are working on how best to implement an end-of-screen scoreboard that rewards the cooperative behaviors we aim for in Darktide’s gameplay

I saw that and i think cooperative stats would be a great addition but it shouldnt completely replace an individuals stats. We fiend for the green circles. The emperors green circles are the only reward i desire for my service i must see my numbers!

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After having played a bunch of Darktide now, it’s going to be difficult to implement it in a way that will make that crowd happy and also benefit the game. Once you hit Heresy difficulty or higher, there’s not a lot of room for competitive mindsets.

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This is not true at all. The better you and your team are the more competitive you will become as even damnation becomes a breeze to clear and the best thing to do is compete with your friends


Facts. All the polls have showed that we want it back.

go with popular , youll end up with god mode and a dead game

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